Hello, ciao, 你好, and γεια! We’re the Trussle Product Development Team. We make stuff for Trussle, the home of home ownership.

Jonny Wildey

Software Engineer; Life Coach; Chief Oat Milk Officer (COMO)

Ever since Jonny remembers there was one all consuming passion, one drive that surpassed all others, a light would never burn out in his life. He would work tirelessly towards this, neglecting friends, missing important family moments, even risking his own physical and mental well being, just to get a bit closer to his dream. Unfortunately it became apparent that being a time-travelling cowboy that solves crimes was not going to be possible, so he settled into software development.

Jonny loves making things with others, particularly the people who are using the things he makes. He’s worked in software since 2013, when he realised that by doing so he could render a significant amount of his day-to-day work obsolete. He’s been attempting to make his job obsolete ever since. He loves TypeScript (especially the functional bits), and well-structured data.

Jonny has been known to dabble in music.

Dan Ingrey

QA Lead; Director of Photography; Barback; Keeper of Jenkins; Hoarder of Job Titles

Dan’s first insight into the limitations of software came as a teen, when he accidentally broke Windows 95 removing files to make space for games.

It took him a while to realise that people would actually pay him to break their software, so he spent many years working within the hospitality industry. He finally found his true calling and decided to go to university to study Computer Science. Since graduating he has combined his love of breaking things with his love of software (or as it’s known in the biz, Quality Assurance).

When he’s not complaining about low code coverage or inverted test triangles you might find Dan riding one of his bikes, watching the cricket or praising 80s cinema.

Chiara Tola

Software Engineer; Director of Sarcasm

Chiara loves reading, cooking, running and other activities that don’t include human interaction - like programming.

Coming from the warm Italian coast, you’ll hear her complaining about the cold whenever the temperature drops below 25ºC.

You’ll hear her preaching about the importance of processes, consistency and good software design.

She loves talking about herself in the third person.

Daniele Rapati

Data Engineer/Wizard

Born from the inner join of two Italian tables, Daniele has had SQL running through his blood from birth.

Some say he once optimised a query so well that the result arrived before it was executed.

Some say he’s engineered his day-to-day life to be fully ACID compliant.

Some say he is even able to understand the differences in unique visitor counts between Google Analytics and Mixpanel[citation needed].

He is our primary key. He is our schema. He is Daniele.

Jamie Thirlwell

Software Engineer; Head of Biscuit Procurement and Quality Leftovers

A long time ago Jamie started his career as a QA engineer for a mobile phone company, testing their network software stack out in the field; this mostly involved driving around the M25 in the back of a van with a lot of phones and laptops. These were the days when you could drive on the M25 during the day without getting stuck in traffic. Great times.

He went on to develop websites at a time when developing for Internet Explorer 5 on a Mac was a thing. Bad times.

Jamie once worked in a Tesco petrol station, where bad people used to drive off without paying for fuel.

He is passionate about all aspects of front-end development, particularly ensuring accessibility and performance is part of our daily engineering processes.

When Jamie isn’t in meetings he likes to go mountain biking whilst exploring various places in the world. He doesn’t like spending a lot of time doing DIY and decorating his house.

Vik Bhatti 👾

Head of Infrastructure; Chief Automation Officer 🤖; Certified Cloud Fairy™ 🌩

Vik has been ‘doing DevOps’ since before it was cool and got a fancy industry buzzword. He has over 10 years of experience working in backend software and infrastructure engineering within high profile startups.

He has spent most of his career working in tech. From ecommerce to social networks, the beauty industry to hedge funds and finance, Vik has always been focused on relentlessly automating all the things. He has helped engineering teams of all sizes build highly scalable and resilient infrastructure, without compromising on developer productivity. He has spoken at several conferences and meetups about the weird and wonderful things he’s worked on.

He is also an avid self-experimenter and has spent a lot of his personal time over the years testing different workouts, diets, supplements and torturing himself with ice baths, all in the name of science data.

Most of Vik’s spare time is usually taken up by his wife, daughter and DIY. He likes movies 🎞, podcasts 🎧, fine scotch whisky 🥃 (without the extra ‘e’) and good coffee ☕️. In what remains of his free time he pursues his own startup side projects, and wishing he had time to play video games.

Beau Allison 👾

Software Engineer

Beau hails from the land downunder 🇦🇺. Having grown up by the beachside he made the journey to the UK under two years ago to explore Europe.

A fan of functional programming, minimalism, and jumpers.

Dillan Pisavadia

Software Engineer; VP of chocolate

Having studied Physics at university, Dillan quickly transitioned into software development and hasn’t looked back since. In another life he worked in energy comparison helping people to save, and now uses those same skills in the world of mortgages.

Outside of work Dillan tries to be active, going rock climbing and recently completing Couch to 5K. He also enjoys reading 📚 and good food 🥘, and hopes for Arsenal to win the Premier League once again.

Yannis Lionis

Software Engineer; Chief Coffee Consumer

As a lover of rules, algorithms and technicalities, Computer Science was a natural vocation for Yannis. After a string of software development roles, he ventured into the world of Digital Transformation and Consulting. He soon realised that he missed building real stuff for real people and joined Trussle. He’s passionate about the Agile principles, automation, testing and low-stress production deployments.

Outside work Yannis spends lots of time with his wife and young daughter. Apart from that he is a serial hobbyist, dabbling in a few things for a while before moving on to something else; this results in seldom-used kit for bygone hobbies exponentially cluttering the loft. Hobbies at the time of writing include amateur dramatics, choir singing, re-acquaintance with guitar-playing, football, board games and chess.


Bikash Poudel

Software Engineer; World’s Best Dad

Bikash has been writing code since a long time ago; After writing a supermarket billing system in C back in 2000 - he quickly started to look at other higher level languages - and since then has written softwares in .NET,PHP, Python and Javascript. He’s also a great follower of Agile priciples and likes to keep things simple.

Outside work - he loves gardening and DIY. Other than that he likes to spend a lot of time with his daughter and wife. He’s also an amazing cook. So expect good food when he’s in the kitchen.

Stephen Man

a.k.a Lizard Man a.k.a Lizardus a.k.a Old Man Smiley a.k.a Young Smiley a.k.a Michael Chow a.k.a Iron Mike a.k.a Chairman Chow a.k.a Dim Sum Bad Guy a.k.a The Violent Scholar a.k.a The Friendly Assassin a.k.a The Great One a.k.a Stupid Steve a.k.a That Chinese Guy In The Hat

Software Engineer

Man of many words.


Because a real unicorn would be too much responsibility

Pusheenicorn is beautiful, mysterious, magical, sensitive and fierce, according to a recent report. Hailing from China and made almost entirely of polyester, Pusheenicorn is our Chief Support Officer, pairing with our emergency support dude to make sure we get back up to speed when things go wrong.


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