Trussle Product Development are a bunch of product managers, designers, analysts and engineers that make stuff for Trussle, the home of home ownership.

The team’s based around a few key principles:

  • What we make must work. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s easy to make a mistake. We make sure we’re making what the user wants, and we double-check our work by showing it to the rest of the team even when it’s still in progress.
  • What we make must be easy to change in the future. Strong design principles and constant refactoring help us achieve this.
  • We must improve. Technology moves fast: if we don’t keep up, we’ll get left behind. We regularly reflect on whether our process is the best it can be and take steps to improve it.

Our teams

Borrowing heavily from Spotify’s model of organising teams, the team is split into cross-functional squads and cross-squad chapters.


Jonny Beau Dillan Bikash

The Scalability squad are tasked with improving our customer-facing tools and operational processes to make Trussle’s service the best it can be, even when we’ve got thousands of customers through our (metaphorical) doors.

As well as the product managers, analysts and engineers you see above, the Scalability squad also includes dedicated Product Liaisons from the operations team to share valuable knowledge and be our go-to contacts when we need to check something with the team.



The Acquisition squad aim to spread the word out about Trussle, both online and offline. It’s all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time - and that means building great tools, perfecting our proposition and understanding a fair amount of data.

This squad is truly cross-functional: marketing, partnerships and operations sit alongside our designers, product managers and engineers to ensure all parts of the business are aware of the latest features and incoming traffic.

Engineering Efficiency

Dan Daniele Vik pusheenicorn

Engineers need a platform on which to work and tools to do their jobs - that’s where the Engineering Efficiency squad come in. This squad make sure our applications stay running 24/7 and develop ways to make our applications faster, easier to build and bug-free. The squad also maintain Trussle’s data platform, allowing the company to analyse our process so we can optimise it in the future.

Origination Platform

Chiara Yannis

The Origination Platform squad are focused on radically cutting down the time it takes to get a completed mortgage. This involves working on a new set of services and third-party integrations, and automating more and more of the decision process. This all needs to hook in seamlessly with the existing processes and systems, adding value as we go along.

So, what do you think? If you’re interested, check out our jobs!